How to Prepare for Your Design Consultation


Our goal for the design consultation is to bring valuable direction and advice for your project. Think of your design consultation as a working session - We like to tackle a lot in this meeting! Below are tips on how to be best prepared and get the most out of your consult.

Design Bar Detroit Living Room Interior Collage


Round up all parties involved. Designing a new space is actually a really big deal! All main decision makers and shot-callers should be part of the fun. This usually means partners/spouses but, sometimes even parents, kids, or other family members.

Gather images that speak to your soul. Whether you're an avid Pinner or love the tactile feel of ripping out pages from design magazines, start a collection specifically for your project.

When looking at these images, consider these three categories: 1. Overall mood/feeling 2. Specific elements 3. Color palette

Be ready to talk money. Think realistically and discuss with all decision makers involved about what you feel comfortable investing in your space. As they say, things are always more expensive than you think. Take a little time to google around and begin to wrap your mind about what things cost.

Consider your timeline. Are you hoping to have your space complete by a specific event of holiday? ASAP? No particular rush? Similar to money, things also tend to take more time than you expect and we always say you can never start too early. Keep in mind, you'll need to allow time for brilliant design to happen and you'll also need time for all your furniture and materials to arrive. Here are some of the most common lead times:

In-stock tile: 1-3 days
Quick ship tile: 1-3 weeks
Special order tile: 4-12 weeks
In-stock lighting: 1-2 weeks
Special order lighting: 2-8 weeks
In-stock furnishings: 1-2 weeks
Custom furnishings: 4-12 weeks

Have some Q's ready for us to A. Our main goal for design consultations, besides getting to know you and the goals of your project. is to provide value and knowledge. We love to answer design questions and provide initial suggestions and ideas. This is YOUR time and it should be totally beneficial. If you have a question you've always been dying to ask an interior designer or have a burning questions about something specific in your home, jot it down and have it ready to ask. 

Ready to get the ball rolling? To book your consultation, give us a call or fill out our contact form! We'll start with a 15 minute phone call to learn about you and get your appointment on the calendar. Consultation cost is $200 and last up to 2 hours.

We can't wait to meet you.

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